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Exhibitions and Events

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Marketing Activations

Furniture and Interiors

We build unique event and exhibition stages and stands

We work with creative agencies and with companies directly to design, build and deliver one-of-a-kind event and exhibition stages and stands.

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We build unique marketing activations that bring brands to life

We work with businesses to design, build and deliver unique marketing activations that brings brands to life.

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We build unique furniture and interiors for your home and business

We work with business and individuals to fashion bespoke furniture and interiors for the home, office or outlet. 

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Concept and Designing

If you have an idea for an event or some furniture - we can provide input and support to bring it to life, generating ideas, creating mood boards and sketches. We have a designer on hand to turn your sketches into 3D renders, and once the design is approved, they can produce build packages ready for production.


Our workshop in Manningtree, Essex is run by highly creative and talented carpenters who can take any bespoke idea and bring it to life. The workshop is equipped with state of the art machinery including a digital CNC machine that allows us to achieve precision and perfection in our builds.


We are able to deliver the final product directly to your business, office, client or home in the UK and Europe, safely and securely.


Our personable team will come to you in order to install the item and ensure that the finished product is as expected. Our team regularly attend large events in the UK and Europe.


Some stages, stands, activations or furniture require maintenance to ensure they always look their best - this is something we will discuss with you in advance and a service we can provide for as long as needed.

Dismantle and Recycling

Once your event or activation is complete, out team  will dismantle the items and whenever possible always seek to reuse or recycle the items to ensure minimal impact on the environment. 


If you need us to store your event stage, stand or activation, we can keep it safe and maintained, ready for delivery and installation at your next event.


We love it when individuals and companies come to us with a challenge and ask us to make it happen. So if you have an idea for a piece of furniture, interior or event stage and stand - let us know.

CNC Machining

Our state-of-the-art CNC machine can cut any shape from any sheet of wood with precision and accuracy.