We Build Unique Event and Exhibition Stands

Event and exhibition stands, should, stand out from the crowd. We work with companies and design agencies to build unique and engaging spaces that make brands pop!

If you have an event coming up in the UK or Europe and need something unique – get in touch and see what we can do for you.

DMEXCO 2017 - reception

DMEXCO 2017 - reception

IAB Engage 2017 - wooden stage

IAB Engage 2017 - wooden stage

IAB Engage 2018 - stand

IAB Engage 2018 - stand

Our Process

If you are a company that is exhibiting – we’ve got you covered from A to Z, from fleshing out a powerful concept, creating detailed designs, building, transporting, installing, dismantling, maintaining, storing and recycling your bespoke stand. With experience in delivering at events across the UK and Europe – we are ready to help your brand stand out form the crowd. 

If you’re a design agency that needs a highly skilled building partner that can bring complex designs to life – we are ready - the more unique the better!



Getting the concept right is crucial, thats way we work with creatives that will take the time to understand your brand and how best to position it at each individual event. No two exhibitions stands we work on are the same!


With a powerful concept in place we can put together detailed designs of what your stand would look and feel like, including 3D renders, material samples, power and lighting plans.


With an approved design, our experienced team based out of our workshop in Essex will bring it to life. The workshop is equipped with state of the art machinery including a CNC machine that allows us to achieve precision and perfection in our builds.


Delivery, Installation and Derig

Using our local logistics partners AJC Transport, we can deliver your stand to any event in the UK and Europe without breaking the bank. Our on-site team will work within exhibition hall regulations to construct, maintain and then dismantle the stand so that all you have to do is worry about is presenting your brand to your target audience.

Storage and Maintenance

Since our builds are of the highest quality they can be reused. Many of our clients choose to store their unique stands, paying for maintenance and reassembly at various events throughout the year - something we can do at a very reasonable rate.

Disposal and Recycling

Once your stand is no longer needed, we can help with disposal. To avoid waste going to landfill, we do our best to reuse as much of the material as possible for future projects. Anything that can not be reused is sent to our waste supplier (CSH Environmental) that has the most advance recycling centre in the region, and currently recycles 98% of waste.