We Build Unique Furniture and Interiors

From beech benches to walnut wardrobes – we handcraft unique furniture that fits perfectly into your home or business.

If you have an idea - let us bring it to life!

Living room interior

Living room interior

Bespoke bed and side table

Bespoke bed and side table

Walnut wall shelf

Walnut wall shelf

Our speciality is wood, but we also work with a network of local traders that allow us to build using wood, stone, glass, acrylic, formica and metal, meaning that we can combine materials that best suit your space.


Our Process

If you just have an idea, we can take you through the process of bringing it to life by developing a clear concept which will allow us to create 3D designs and detailed specifications and measurements of the product. Once a design is in place, we will build the items in our workshop (keeping you updated with pictures along the way!) before dispatching for delivery and installation, at a convenient time for you.



If you have a space to fill but you are not sure how to fill it, then let us give you some ideas. We love to get creative with our clients, coming up with exciting and innovative concepts that are unique and fit seamlessly into your new or existing space.


With a concept in mind, our talented designers can develop a range of options for your space using 3D renders to give you a clear idea of what the final product will look and feel like. Once a design is chosen we will create a detailed build package of final measurement and material specifications.


From our workshop in Essex, we will take designs and bring them to life with care and diligence. The workshop is equipped with state of the art machinery including a digital CNC machine that allows us to achieve precision and perfection in our builds.



We are able to deliver the final product directly to your business, office, client or home in the UK and Europe, safely and securely.


Our team will come to you in order to install the item and ensure that the finished product is as expected.

Upcycle and Recycling

We are able to restore, upcycle or recycling old furniture giving it a new lease of life or creating a brand new unique item.