We Build Unique Marketing Activations

Maybe you need some giant letters, a lit-up logo or a living wall – whatever marketing and advertising event you have planned – we can make it happen!

The more unique and crazy the idea, the more we want to hear about it! We love to design and build special items that best represent what your brand is all about.

Cannes Lions 2017 - Bar Sign

Cannes Lions 2017 - Bar Sign

IAB Engage 2017 - wooden stage

IAB Engage 2017 - wooden stage

IAB Engage 2018 - stand

IAB Engage 2018 - stand

Our Process

If your still in the initial idea stage, great!  We can take you through the process of bringing it to life by developing a clear and strong concept before designing 3D renders with detailed specifications and measurements. Once a design is in place, we will build it in our workshop (keeping you updated with pictures and videos along the way!) using our network of local suppliers that allows us to use a wide range of materials and finishes. Once the item has been made, we can deliver it to the location, maintain it, store it and also dismantle and recycle it once it is no longer needed.



We love to be part of the brainstorming process - giving ideas and presenting mood boards that allow you and your client (if you are an agency) to explore all potential options, no matter how outrageous.


With a powerful concept in place we can put together detailed designs of what the activation will look and feel like, including 3D renders with measurements and specifications, and if you need material samples, no problem, we can send them.


With an approved design, our experienced team based out of our workshop in Essex will bring it to life. Doesn’t matter how random or complex the design - our workshop is equipped with state of the art machinery including a CNC machine that allows us to achieve precision and perfection.


Delivery, Installation and Derig

We can delivery the activation anywhere across the UK and Europe. Our on-site team will install and dismantle the activation before and after your arrival so that all you have to do is worry about is presenting your brand to your target audience.

Storage and Maintenance

When we build a marketing activation piece we make sure it can last for use at multiple events and locations. In between uses, we can store and maintain the unit to ensure any bumps and scratches are fixed before the next event.

Disposal and Recycling

Once your activation is no longer needed, we can help with disposal. To avoid waste going to landfill, we do our best to reuse as much of the material as possible for future projects. Anything that can not be reused is sent to our waste supplier (CSH Environmental) that has the most advance recycling centre in the region, and currently recycles 98% of waste.